From August 2020, funding in South Lanarkshire is released on the Monday after the child’s 3rd birthday, if their birthday falls between 1st September and end February. Children whose 3rd birthday is after 1st March cannot access funding until following August at which point we can apply for up to 1140 hours of funding as per the Scottish Government Provision for all eligible 3-5 year olds. This policy was introduced by SL council to give all nursery children fair access to 2 full academic years of funding. 

An application for funding is done through the nursery the child will attend, (either a private nursery in partnership with the council like us or attached to a local authority school or council run nursery centre) and applications for August must be in before end February. Funding is then released directly to the nursery. At Bardykes we have made the following adjustments to accommodate these increases: 

  • Funding now covers 1140 hours from 1st August 2024 to 31st July 2025
  • The South Lanarkshire Council deadline for new applications is 29th February 2024
  • Broken down this is available for a minimum of 2 full days per week 
  • We deliver this over 50 weeks of the year and now only close for 2 weeks over Christmas 
  • 38 week term time attendance is subject to availability and requires a minimum of 3 days per week
  • Full days available from 8-6pm 
  • Staggered drop off times at 8-9am and flexible collection available from 4-6pm
  • We charge £15 per funded day for daily trips to the farm and extra services in our vast outdoor space. ie. farm animals, fruit orchard, secret garden and river

A complimentary Buffet Breakfast will be available from 8am for children to prepare and help themselves to throughout the morning with a selection of fresh fruit, vegetables and berries from the garden (seasonal) 

Parents to provide a Picnic Packed Lunch to be eaten out on the farm in small groups 

Afternoon Tea will be served offering home-grown vegetable soup, sandwiches and healthy snacks throughout the afternoon 

Drinking Water and Fresh Cow’s Milk will be readily available for self-service throughout the day 

An additional 3rd day is reduced in cost by £10 using remaining funding with no extra charge for resources, subject to availability 

Supplementary days will be charged a full cost detailed below 

Halloween, Christmas & Easter events, concerts & annual trip are chargeable extras dependent on government guidance 

Cross boundary funding applications welcomed and at local authority discretion 

Government funding via SLC for eligible 2 year olds available on request and subject to LA conditions. Apply HERE

All of the above is based on us remaining in partnership South Lanarkshire Council. Any questions? Please email the Nursery Manager - bardykesfarmnurseryschool@outlook.com

For non funded information and prices click HERE