Frequently Asked Questions 

Can we just turn up to see the animals?  
Sorry no, we are a private nursery school Monday to Friday and host special seasonal events for families on selected dates throughout the year which must be pre booked, in advance, via our website. Please join our mailing list and we will email you when we have events coming up, review our current events HERE

  • My baby isn’t 2 yet, can I still apply for a place?
    Yes, you should enrol them as soon as possible so we can try to have a place ready for them when they turn 2. If you are keen to secure a place, please don’t delay by completing our online application form HERE
  • Can we visit before we apply for a nursery place? 
    We recommend that you attend an event at the farm to meet the team, the animals and wander around our farm, letting you and your child get a feel for the place to make sure it is right for you. Please join our mailing list and we will email you when we have events coming up, then register your interest in a nursery place HERE

Do you have a baby room? 
Not at the moment. We hope in the near future to lower the age of registration and open a small baby room. Please send us details HERE and we will keep you informed

Do you offer a school holiday club? 
Yes we currently offer this for former pupils and older siblings. Please send us details HERE and we will get in touch

  • How can I enrol my child at Bardykes Farm Nursery School? 
    Following your interest in Bardykes Farm Nursery School, we recommend that you visit the farm to meet the Dream Team, the animals and walk around our farm, letting you and your child get a feel for the place. We then ask that you complete an application form and secure your child’s place with a £60 registration fee. To complete the enrolment process we will require 2 proofs of parents/carers address (council tax/utility/bank statement) and a copy of your child’s birth certificate. Start the process HERE
  • Do you offer Term Time places? 
    Yes, 38 week term time attendance is subject to availability and in line with South Lanarkshire school closures.
  • Are you open all year? 
    Yes, we are open 50 weeks of the year. We only close for 2 weeks over Christmas and New Year.
  • I work shifts, can I change my child’s sessions weekly or monthly?  We always try our best to support our families and can offer swaps on occasion but we cannot guarantee availability for this indefinitely as we must ensure that we operate within required staff to children ratios at all times.
  • Do you provide drinks, snacks and lunch? 
    We provide a healthy morning buffet and a nutritious afternoon tea. You must provide a balanced packed lunch that can be eaten anywhere on the farm to allow us maximum flexibility and avoid interrupting play too much. During winter months we would recommend thermal flasks with warm food. During warmer months we would recommend ice packs to keep items cool. We ask that you provide your child with a labelled water bottle which they will have access to throughout the day and can refill if required. Cow’s milk and fresh drinking water is offered during all meal times. If you would like your child to have juice, a small bottle or carton can be included in their lunch box. We will often brush our teeth together after lunch.
  • How can I help my child settle into nursery? 
    In order to support your child’s transition from home to nursery we offer 2 complimentary settling in sessions. We ask that you take plenty time to complete our settling in questionnaire and a personal care plan for us to find out as much information about your child as possible to support the transition. During your first settling in session, which is usually for around 1 hour, the key worker will discuss these documents with you (and a partner if you wish) whilst starting to form a secure attachment with your child. We will have a special treasure basket ready to wow them with all their favourite things. The length of the 2nd settling in session will depend on the first and we will gauge how long your child should stay for based this and your family’s preference of course. If we feel that your child requires additional settling, we will discuss this with you at the time.
  • Can my child attend for 1 day? 
    We have a strict minimum requirement of at least 2 days per week. This allows staff adequate time to form secure attachments with your child, create positive relationships with you and your family and time to support your child with their development providing them with rich learning opportunities.
  • Do you offer half days?  
    We currently offer only full days at our nursery because our children have lots of busy work to do on the farm! Their mornings are always a trip out to the farm, to care for the animals and look after plants and vegetables in their garden and fruits in the orchard. In the afternoon, children do whatever they want to do, either inside or out and can pick which friends to play with from any age group. Our sessions are from 8am - 6pm. You can of course collect your child at any time for medical appointments, holidays, emergencies etc. 
  • Can I drop off/pick up my child out with the standard session times? 
    We offer flexible drop off between 8-9am. If you arrive after 9am, we ask that you self-register at the door then find your key-worker on the farm as the daily trip to feed the animals will have started. Pick up is either 4, 5 or 6pm based on your needs & payment schedule. Please note there is no discounted price for using less hours or early pick up as we have to ensure we have adequate staffing levels for the duration.

Do you accept Government Funding?  
Yes, we are a Scottish Government funding provider via South Lanarkshire Council and offer funded places for all children aged 3 – 5 years old and eligible 2 year olds. To see how funding works at Bardykes please click HERE

Do I need to apply for funding? 
When you register for nursery at Bardykes we will make the application for funding on your behalf if you live within South Lanarkshire. Alternatively, contact your own local authority to apply for “cross boundary funding” and let them know you have chosen Bardykes in SLC.  You still need to register directly with us. Don’t delay by completing our online application form HERE

  • Are you in partnership with South Lanarkshire Council? 
    Yes, we are in partnership with South Lanarkshire Council to offer funded places for children aged 3 – 5 years old and eligible 2 year olds. To see if your child is eligible for funding, visit their website - HERE

Can 2 year olds get funding? 
This is a decision from South Lanarkshire Council. Check if your child is eligible for 2 year old funding by visiting their website CLICK HERE

Can we still use funding if we don’t live in South Lanarkshire?  
Yes, you can apply to your own local authority for “cross boundary funding” and let them know you have chosen Bardykes in SLC. You will still need to apply directly with ourselves as well to secure a nursery place; Don’t delay by completing our online application form HERE

Can we split funding between 2 different nurseries? 
Yes we do accept blended placements, you must first  apply to secure a nursery place by completing our online application form HERE and then notify us where you would like your funding to be shared with. We require a minimum of 20 funded hours per week over 2 days. We then ask you to complete the South Lanarkshire Council blended placement form.

How do I pay my nursery fees? 
We will provide you with an invoice which will detail your annual fees. This is spread into 11 average monthly payments. Payments must clear before the 1st of every month and before your child attends nursery. We accept BACS transfers and cash payments but no cheques or card payments.

Do you accept childcare vouchers? 
Yes, we accept a wide range of childcare vouchers. These include:
- Busy bees
- Sodhexo
- Co-op
- Computershare
- Edenred
- Fideliti
- Care4
- Tax Free Childcare 20% saving available

What are your nursery fees? 
Our nursery fees can be found HERE

What were your most recent Care Inspectorate grades? 
Our most recent Care Inspectorate report can be found HERE

For private event enquires please send us details HERE

For any other more general enquiries please email: 

Alternatively you can call us on: 01698822212