Our Mission   

“To create a nurturing, sustainable welcoming environment where children are valued, respected and are able to thrive by exploring nature at their own pace of learning” 

Be Happy, Create Friendships, Love Nature and Stay Safe 

At Bardykes Farm Nursery School we aim to: 

  • Provide a stimulating and varied curriculum to meet the individual needs of all the children 
  • Encourage and support the children to enable them to achieve their full potential 
  • Motivate the children by offering a wide range of play activities which are appropriate, stimulating and challenging 
  • Maintain effective communication with parents, families and other agencies to ensure the children’s needs are met 
  • To provide a welcoming and friendly environment where everyone is treated fairly and with respect 
  • Provide a clean and well maintained environment with access to a variety of appropriate and stimulating resources 
  • Provide effective leadership to maintain high standards and ensure a provision of quality early learning and care.