"As a parent, I was fully supported by Mrs Wilkie and her staff( I am sure they would have had to increase their purchase of tissues while I was a parent there !). Mrs Wilkie was there, right by my side at the numerous meetings. Her advice was always considerate, wise and right" - Anita Balkrishna, Parent



"It was always very comforting to be able to drop them off, knowing they were in safe hands, being nurtured, educated and just as importantly being shown love. Our sons regarded Bardykes Nursery and all those in it as an extended family" - Marc Pye, Parent


"I have always recommended Bardykes Nursery School to other parents as I can't fault them. Mrs Wilkie and her staff always go beyond what is required to make sure the children have the best nursery experience." - Marie Claire Whitson, Parent



"From the moment the boys arrived at Bardykes Nursery it was clear that it was a totally different environment to any other nursery they'd experienced.  Mrs Wilkie was so incredibly warm and welcoming and it was really clear that all the staff who worked there adored her and loved working there." - Rachel McTavish, Parent