"My little boy loves this nursery! The children spend most of their time outdoors playing in the Secret Garden, doing the gardening, feeding the animals, and generally having a ball! There are great indoor facilities also for days of adverse weather. The staff are all fantastic, very friendly and knowledgeable. The children learn through play, stories and activities at this nursery, who won the national Best Outdoor Learning Environment 2020! Their efforts throughout Covid have been fantastic, they have been transparent throughout and kept everyone up to date. The staff have been engaging with the children during this lockdown by putting up videos, sending activities and doing online catch-ups! They have also ensured the areas the children use, inside and out, have been professionally cleaned and fogged throughout the pandemic. Fantastic place." - Lisa Donaldson, Parent.

"Bardykes Farm Nursery has a lovely, cosy informal family feel to it. The staff team are incredible and have been there for years with experience by the bucket load! Each member brings different talents to help support, challenge and stimulate the children’s learning. The nursery is based on a small family farm with lots of outdoor space that the children use daily for play and learning. From the large fields, orchid, secret garden, river to baking in the farmhouse kitchen there is always a ‘buzz’ with many different experiences on offer. The nursery also has horses, rabbits, ducks, cats, bees, dogs and has lambs and chicks in spring, which is amazing for the children who attend. Overall a lovely nursery where children are encouraged to explore their surroundings, be creative, make friends and develop at their own pace!" - Eilidh Martin, Parent.

"Both my grandchildren attended Bardykes Nursery and it was a great experience for both of them and our family. Both still talk about the staff, key workers and the horses. I do not know any other nursery where children have so much access to nature, farm animals, newborn lambs, the chickens and the in-door pets. All of the staff provided a very nurturing environment and not only looked after the children's emotional health but also their physical health, snacks, being active etc. This all created a safe learning environment for the children. We were kept up to date with their progress but were also told if there were any issues with behaviour or if they had a wee fall out with another child. I firmly believe that due to their experience in Bardykes both of them made a smooth transition to school. We all miss the Christmas Nativity and the summer fun days. I have no hesitation in recommending Bardykes nursery." - Mary Crowe, Grandmother

"Our little boy attended Bardykes for a year and he loved it! They have a great balance of curriculum and the huge attraction for us was the outdoor learning and play. The gardens are massive with so many areas to explore, there are also all the friendly animals around and the children learn great skills in how to look after them. Our little guy loves to be outdoors and would come home tired after busy days with lots of stories to tell. The staff are very caring and have all been there for a long time - the nursery has a nice family feel to it! I would definitely recommend Bardykes!" - Linda Lucas, Parent